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Your Trusted Name for Stunning Landscaping Solutions

The Lawhon name has been synonymous with outstanding customer service since 1958 when Rex and Beth Lawhon started Lawhon Horticultural Spray Service. They established the Lawhon name as one homeowners could trust and decades later formed Lawhon Landscape as a landscaping division. Our mission is to transform your outdoor living space into a back or front yard oasis you can be proud of for years. We pride ourselves on solving problems – from overgrown landscapes to large properties with little curb appeal. We do all this while promoting eco-friendly approaches and collaborating with customers like you as well as being licensed, bonded, insured and in business for 40 years. We have won Memphis Most “First Place” twice in the last few years and placed as finalists the other two years. We operate our own nursery to make sure that we have the best quality plant material for our (project or landscape) installations.

landscaping and house

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority

We are proud of our track record for delivering aesthetically pleasing properties. We can do so because we innovate and educate our team about emerging trends and best practices. Customer satisfaction is too important to our team. By creating a responsible, customer-focused environment, we can serve you better. You can trust our team due to our unwavering commitment to our values. We are trustworthy, reliable, creative, transparent, responsive, and respectful of your property. Our team understands sustainable practices and is also respectful of your property. Most importantly, we offer budget-conscious solutions that increase your enjoyment of your home.

pond and waterfall

The Benefits of Hiring Our Team

We are a family-owned company with a set of core values and ethics. For instance, we set ourselves apart through our top-tier workmanship, attention to detail, flexibility, and responsiveness. Most importantly, we offer personalized solutions. As a result, we can deliver the benefits of hiring a landscaping company:

  • Increased Property Value: You can count on our services to boost your property’s value, making it easier for you to sell if you ever decide to do so.
  • Aesthetics and Functionality: We combine looks and performance like none other. Whether that means rethinking your space and adding hardscapes or something else, we get results.
  • Optimized Space and Year-Round Appeal: We will optimize your yard spatially, but our team will also implement solutions that work throughout the year.
  • Better Performance: Professional landscaping reduces your maintenance workload in many ways, including through professional drainage services.

Community-Minded Landscaping

We are local experts in the landscaping business. That’s important because it allows us to consider the Tennessee climate while designing your landscape. We understand the soil conditions in your neighborhood, and our team knows which plants are native and which are not. We are also involved in the community and care deeply about preserving the beauty of your neighborhood.

Making Memphis & Midsouth Beautiful One Design at a Time