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Transformative Hardscaping for Memphis and the Midsouth

Lawhon Landscape leads the way in outstanding landscape design in Memphis and the Midsouth Area. Hardscaping is an excellent way to boost property value and the appearance of your back or front yard, and our team is uniquely suited to help you. We transform outdoor living spaces into stunning and functional environments through creativity and unparalleled expertise. From patios to fountains, and retaining walls, our team gets it done. Our craftsmanship, premium materials, and innovative approach testify to our unwavering dedication to making our customers happy. Place your trust in our team today.

house with a pond and fountain

Enhance Your Landscape With Stunning Hardscaping

Hardscaping is an important part of landscaping because it complements natural elements and introduces functional living spaces to your property. There are many possibilities at your disposal, and our team is familiar with all of them. We can install things like retaining walls, and other structures, in addition to more complex hardscapes. Our ability to handle complicated jobs is apparent in the difficult process.

Trust Our Team for Expert Services

Combining landscaping and hardscaping in one service transforms the property’s exterior space into a place to entertain family and friends or enjoy a serene evening. With lush greenery and a walkway, a patio is both functional and visually appealing. Most importantly, coming to our team for all services allows you to enjoy a seamless beautification of your property without gaps or downtime. Captivate your guests, feel more at peace, and immerse yourself in nature with our services today.

Making Memphis & Midsouth Beautiful One Design at a Time