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High Quality Drainage and Sprinkler Systems

At Lawhon Landscape, we believe in a thoughtful approach emphasizing every aspect of your lawn. A properly installed Irrigation System allows your plants and grass to be watered automatically which frees up more time for you to enjoy your garden. Two of our most effective services are irrigation and drainage systems. Property owners can trust our team to deliver optimal customer service and performance – no matter the job. Drainage problems often plague many mid-south residents or homeowners, so it is essential to have a professional and competent company to solve these issues with a drainage system that is done correctly. Whether you require a simple french drain or a more detailed drainage plan, we can help.

drainage along a sidewalk

Choose the Right Drainage System for Your Home

It is essential to consult with our professionals when you decide to install a drainage system due to various factors. Poor drainage can cause improper grading, settling, sinkholes, and other problems. We can tailor your new system to your property’s unique demands. We are experts at performing assessments that result in an accurate diagnosis of the problem and a correct identification of the solution. Our team might recommend any of the following drainage systems:

  • French Drains
  • Trench Drains
  • Sump Pumps
  • Downspout and Gutter Drains
  • Foundation Drains
gardener and sprinkler system

Why Investing in an Irrigation System Can Help You

There are many benefits to investing in a high-quality irrigation system. For instance, they provide a consistent water supply in the right amount, ensuring the proper growth and health of plants. Because irrigation systems promote efficiency, they deliver water directly to plant roots and prevent water waste. Most importantly, irrigation systems save money.

Boost Your Property Value With an Irrigation System

A professional irrigation system is essential if you care about your property value or how your lawn looks. They maintain the health of plants and flowers, promote growth, and preserve the aesthetic beauty of your landscaping. We recommend including an irrigation system in any landscaping project. We have the experience and expertise required to install effective systems on properties of all kinds according to your needs. Trust our team today.

Making Memphis & Midsouth Beautiful One Design at a Time